Monday, January 18, 2010

Getting a Lil Better

Today I organized a lil some. If you notice the white shelf in another pic I got a brainstorm to turn it sideways and put it on top of the other black trays and it worked really awesome. So enjoy my pink room the paint that I use is called Sweety!!


  1. I bet there is no place to sit at your house on Christmas! Family is wonderful to have. Enjoy the little ones, they grow up so fast.

  2. Hey Evelyn,

    I'm following you, so you better get busy and post more pictures LOL! I saw your post at the SCALhints group and came over to show you some love so you can get excited!!

    Hope to see your projects soon too!

    Carmen Lucero

  3. Wonderful to organize things. Fantastic to have so much family to love. Chris

  4. It looks great! How very creative turning the cabinet sideways. Thanks for sharing!

  5. looks like your off to a great start. Way to go. Tammy