Saturday, October 02, 2010

Been sick...But I'm hoping now!!

Hi Everyone, I have been out of commision for a while now everything I loved to do just came to a stop. I am so excited to say that I also just received my Cricut Imagine and I am so excited to use it as soon as I find a place for it and they say if you bump it or move it you have to re-calibrate again so I am going to try to leave it be, and just have fun with it. I can hardly wait !!!!! Oooo and I have to start collecting the new cartridges when I can. With the economy all messed up our business is soooo slow too, so the ol man put a stop to my spending, but do I listen, well I try !!! I really do but I just had to have the new Imagine, shhhh !!! shhhh !!! I have it hidden. I'm so sorry to say I hav'nt done nothing at all still trying to get my room organized I have been watching videos on Youtube the scrapping rooms are are beautiful !!! I have sooo much stuff but some of you really outdo me WOW!! Ok girls I'm gonna get busy, and I am so happy to be back at SCAL and Arthaven with Penny she is amazing. See you around!!