Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Been a long long time!!

Well girls I am still looking to organize my room ...I am still at it..so much I don't know where to start..I was on Youtube checking out peoples rooms..will mine ever look like that??? Anyway I was back on Facebook again and I was contacted by grand-daughter Crystal we had a nice chat and we are suppose to get together soon. We have been saying that for a while "Its in my heart ..but the ol body don't move" Bad news for Emma my gawd her hubby passed away ..she is sooo young..she will miss him dearly poor baby!!! Left a message for CJ she loves, loves sewing machines and so do I. She just bought the Juki and so did I like 2 years ago its like a mini power zOOOOOOOOOm wow watch out...and I gave it to Pugs she was suppose to learn how to sew. So much has happened in my life..but all is well now ....People come into your life and heart and then they leave footsteps that crucsh you and then you say to yourself.."Self what the heck was that about" I grew to know her, she gave me grandchildren ..and it turns out she was never ever who she pretended to be! Hooked up with the fantastic PENNY DUNCAN she is a great lady and has taught me much in the art world. Oh and last but not least I bought me the "Cricut Imagine" I am still learning it!! Provocraft has so much to do to let out the farts that came with it but ladies we much be patient because it is awesome.. Tammy and I also attented the Scrapbooking Expo in Ontario Calif. and what did I do I bought me the Pazzles Inspiration which I am still learning by way of the internet with the great lady Klo she is awesome waiting to see her soon. Well, I will go and I will be back soon!!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Been sick...But I'm hoping now!!

Hi Everyone, I have been out of commision for a while now everything I loved to do just came to a stop. I am so excited to say that I also just received my Cricut Imagine and I am so excited to use it as soon as I find a place for it and they say if you bump it or move it you have to re-calibrate again so I am going to try to leave it be, and just have fun with it. I can hardly wait !!!!! Oooo and I have to start collecting the new cartridges when I can. With the economy all messed up our business is soooo slow too, so the ol man put a stop to my spending, but do I listen, well I try !!! I really do but I just had to have the new Imagine, shhhh !!! shhhh !!! I have it hidden. I'm so sorry to say I hav'nt done nothing at all still trying to get my room organized I have been watching videos on Youtube the scrapping rooms are are beautiful !!! I have sooo much stuff but some of you really outdo me WOW!! Ok girls I'm gonna get busy, and I am so happy to be back at SCAL and Arthaven with Penny she is amazing. See you around!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Messed up my wall!!

This is what they did to my wall it looks terrible...they made holes and did'nt even patch them up. Check out the hinges ....the hubby is really mad..I guess I could put some boxes up there to hide the mess...nope!!! he will not go for it..and this is Closet World ..does this look like a reputable company to do work like this?
This what I bought with my 50% off Michaels coupon..i just had to have it. I just happened to see it above the scrapping stuff way up high!!! And it was'nt on sale so that means I could use my coupon it was marked $50.00 so I got it for $25.00 I just have to put a sealer on it.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

OMG!! it is thundering and lighting!! Awful.. my babies found their way to my new room against my wishes. But what the heck!! They are going to come in someday...they are really scared. And guess who ended up on my desk!! Corky who else!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ok here comes the rains again tomorrow!! It makes me feel so bad. I can hardly move in the morning. I will be in my room still organizing my stuff. I finally got my ver 46 of Inkscape going Boy!! That was a hassle but I got it going. I am still learning it, I was proud of myself I did the video today to get 12x12 mat downpat on Inkscape..with of course Pennys Video she is so inteligent and smart and such a good artist.. Wow!! she's amazing. I like her videos because she is so precise and explains so simple. Button by button. This is a pic from my window of my scraproom. After the rains stopped, but here they come tomorrow again!!